Enjoy a meal with friends at a local restaurant.


We Celebrate Local Wherever We Go

Why Local Matters was created to promote and showcase all of the great local opportunities we have in this area. Our purpose is to inform people of local options and to make local businesses easier to find and support, therefore stimulating our local economy.

     I travel extensively and one thing that strikes me is that each place I visit has its own unique character.  Artisans, chefs and vendors all have a voice that you won’t hear anywhere else.  The idea of “Why Local Matters” was borne of that realization.  Local matters wherever you are. Local isn’t just in my backyard – it’s wherever I happen to be.  When you visit someplace new, I encourage you to eat at local restaurants, talk to area residents and learn what makes their area special.  Keeping a local mentality will help your neighbors and your community.  Not only that, local tastes better and feels better.

                                                                        – Tom Plant

     I just enjoy exploring unique local places and discovering the “mom & pop” shops that dot our community.  I read that i can help revive local economy by shopping at a locally-owned and operated business.  I saw that by shifting just a portion of my spending to local resources I can make a dramatic contribution to our whole community.  I feel better when I support local business. I think you will too.

                                                                       - Laura Plant


It engages people with their community. It provides employment and generates taxes that fuel the community.

- Linda C., Roanoke, VA.

A local business is like the “Cheers” bar, where everyone knows your name, a close knit community. Everyone has a hand in the business and relies on personal service. Big box businesses like Walmart cannot compete with personal service.

- Dale W., Mira Loma, CA.

To me local means family, not just blood relatives, but friends, neighbors, and business associates.  Where you come from and the people you grew up with played a huge part in you becoming the person you are now so it’s always good to give back. Make a habit of buying local and frequenting local business every chance you get, it’s the right thing to do.

- Rusty P., Salisbury, MD.




Why Local Matters is a channel to promote supporting local businesses and using local products.

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