Acclaimed Local Director Shoots for Higher Reward

Once in a while, we are blessed to meet someone of exceptional talent – outstanding at what they do and passionate enough to share their gift with the world.  Local film writer, director and producer, Kimberly Seilhamer is such a person: talent, vision and drive personified.  Her numerous credits most recently include the Cannes Independent Film Festival award in the Horror/SciFi category for her film, “Jack the Reaper.”  For many of us, such an achievement would be enough to narrow our vision to focus solely on continued success in our field, but not so for Seilhamer.

Film Director Kimberly Seilhamer


Though building the “Jack the Reaper” franchise is certainly on the agenda, Kimberly has another passion that cannot be denied: to bring attention to pressing environmental, domestic, and wild animal issues that affect us all.  Though she jokes easily about the dichotomy between her recent project, a horror flick, and her commitment to improve the plight of animals in the wild and in captivity the world over, Seilhamer is genuinely passionate about both with equally impressive results.

Ever the storyteller, Kimberly created a fictional character, Baakari, an African Bull Elephant with a vision to “awaken your spirit . . . [and] touch the world.”  Thus, the Baakari Foundation was born.  Future projects include a documentary called “After the Big Top,” highlighting the plight of retired circus animals, a land acquisition project to protect endangered species and a charitable giving campaign to support other non-profits with like-minded goals.  However, every long journey must begin with a small step.

When Kimberly was made aware of the truth about how the drug Premarin (PREgnant MAre uRIN) is manufactured and the devastating effects that its production has on the PMU mares and their foals, she knew what her first project had to be.  First up will be a Public Service Announcement educating women and the general public on the atrocities that result from the production of Premarin as well as revealing alternative therapies that are manufactured in a healthier, more ethical manner.


Although the plight of abused and distressed animals is a difficult and a sobering topic, Seilhamer aims to bring a message of hope.  Knowledge is power and with education we can make the changes necessary to improve the fate of wild and captive animals throughout the world.


Comedy Mentalist Jay Alexander

She brings her message of hope to us by way of a unique fundraising event: Magic in Temecula at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater on August 20.  Featuring celebrity entertainer and comedy mentalist, Jay Alexander, the evening of fun will raise funds to help produce the PMU mare PSA.  Alexander is well-known in the Hollywood community, entertaining the likes of Steve Wozniak, Ron Wood, Robin Williams, and Bono.  Dubbed “the funniest show in town” by Newsweek, Jay Alexander brings something new and fresh to Temecula while giving us a chance to support a world-changing cause.  For more information and to buy tickets, please visit

To find out more about how you can help support the Baakari Foundation in other ways, please visit their Facebook page or


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