I’ve Been Elevated

why local matters at elevate fitnessElevate: to lift spirits; to move to a higher place; to raise the intensity.  I experienced all of this and more when I joined Elevate Fitness Studio. A year ago I embarked on a personal journey to increase my fitness.  I was an overweight older woman with multiple health problems.  Plus I had a broken shoulder and other injuries sustained in a near-fatal car crash in 2011.  I had not formally exercised in a few years.  Even walking was a challenge.  I could barely make it across the street to the mailbox.  I experienced frequent balance problems and vertigo.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

why local matters with Paul DavidOh, I tried joining gyms in the past, experiencing mostly negative results and devastating my self-esteem.  The big box health club just could not meet my emotional or physical needs. Frankly getting in shape seemed like an insurmountable challenge.  Enter Paul David, owner and “Chief Motivating Officer” at Elevate Fitness.  He offered more than a slick sales pitch to join the Studio.  Paul actually came to my home to evaluate my fitness and nutrition level and assure me that he could personally work with me.

That first day I began slowly with stretches.  We walked together about 20 feet, Paul next to me ready to grab me if I felt dizzy.  I committed to train 3 days per week, taking one day at a time.  Now, one year later, I have lost 50 pounds although strength and balance were my initial goals. When I track my progress over time I see how far I have come. From up and down 4 steps to 4 flights of stairs; managing 5 chair squats to 80. Every week we assessed my progress.  Every month I set new goals.  My objectives varied and the workout changed as I got stronger so I was never bored and constantly challenged and encouraged.  I was given a plan and education that made sense for me.  I knew I could trust Paul and his team of coaches. Everyone wanted me to succeed. I trained alongside experienced athletes, people recovering from injuries, heavy people, average people,thin people and those of all ages – all with the same objective – to just get better.

why local matters at elevate fitnessElevate Fitness Studio is expanding in many exciting ways with one-on-one training, small group training and group training classes. Standard classes include: TRX Circuit, Kickboxing, Spinning, Mat Pilates, Zumba, Barre and Yoga.  Elevate also offers workshop classes for a variety of fitness needs.  These include: Mommy Makeover, Kettlebell Workshop and 8 Week Spartan Challenge, Cooking and Nutrition classes.

The future looks bright for the team and members at Elevate Fitness Studio.  The facility is expanding to offer even more programs.  Classes are being added with regularity, attracting more people who need consistency and accountability and education to meet their fitness goals.  Elevate is also embarking on speciality programs to safely train and motivate teen athletes.  I encourage you to explore what Elevate Fitness can do for you.  Schedule a free fitness appraisal today. New members try a 7 day pass.  We know you will like what you find here. 951 301-4499

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