why local matters

Why Local Matters is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while. During the past few years of launching WINEormous, I’ve had wonderful opportunities to meet winemakers, winery owners, chefs and people from all walks of life. I’ve had the chance to travel a lot; to Nova Scotia, Alabama, Maine, Mexico, Washington state and other spots, too. What has struck me is that we are all neighbors, we are all intertwined and wherever we are, local matters.

I have been introduced to the Slow Food movement and think that what they are espousing is so important. Leah Di Bernardo has become a good friend and she’ll be sharing her thoughts on this forum. I simply ask that you stop to think before you shop or eat. Instead of supporting a franchise, is there a local option? So many of our neighbors are pouring their hearts and souls into creating delicious healthy foods and crafting exquisite works of art.

What are your thoughts? I look forward to hearing from you. I have been videotaping interviews from my travels and around the corner and will begin sharing them soon here. Thanks for stopping by.

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14 thoughts on “why local matters

  1. Tom One of my dearest friends is a restaurant owner and his passion and commitment to using local produce, dairy and meats is what makes his food so delicious. I think that there is some times a belief that non chains are more expensive, and that may be true in some cases, not all tho. Local, small business is the only way to go, for lots of things! xox Rem

    • Tom Plant on

      Remy – That’s what it’s all about – neighbors supporting neighbors. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Tom, I cannot tell you how much I love this! Well, I can try, LOL! Since I have been participating in the Inland Empire CSA program with Sage Mountain Farm, I am so much more aware of this concept and rarely shop (for produce anyway) at a tradional store. As a local small (but growing) business owner, the support of this community means everything to me. Are there people who offer our services for cheaper? Maybe. But they do not neccessarily provide the level of customer service and attention to detail that we do. Plus, the dollars that are spent with us are respent locally, supporting other small merchants. Thanks for starting this dialogue!

  3. Great post Tom. I know Leah as well and her passion is contagious.
    I am launching a daily deal company to feature our local businesses and to help folks rediscover our Valley. You can sign up at http://www.Offerdart.com. I look forward to hearing about your travels especially any content you can share about school gardens – a particular focus of slow foods. Cheers.

    • Tom Plant on

      Nice to meet you, Steve. I’m a big fan of Leah and what she is doing. I look forward to hearing more about offerdart.

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